Saturday, October 24, 2009

Improving your Destiny

OK, so I have had some ideas brewing in my head, and they are all coming out at once.

I decided to update our school's library website because it was crazy ugly, and not very useful. The problem was that we use Destiny for our main page. If you are familiar with Destiny, you will know that the site only allows you to barely edit the home page. You can write html into the introductory paragraph of the home page, and it will be displayed, but everytime I tried something even remotely interesting, Destiny would tell me that it could not display the page.

However, I solved the problem.

Before we go any further I'll show you what the site looked like before and what it looks like now.

Here is a link to our Elementary school library website. This is similar to what our site looked like before:

Here is a link to the updated MS/HS Library page.

To do this I created a frame and told the frame to display a different page. So, in other words, instead of trying to make the page on our Destiny homepage, I just told our Destiny home page to display a website with a different URL inside a window. I just adjusted the window to the proper size, so that it displays just as if it was part of the original Destiny page.

Here is the basic HTML code that you can throw in your own Destiny Home page introductory text:

OK, I just realized that if you post html code in the body of a blogger post it interprets the code and runs it. I will have to figure out how to show you the code without it interpreting the code.
All you would have to do is adjust the height and width to your liking and you are set to go.

I created my new site using iWeb, and published the site on the local school servers, so if you are in America, and the page loads a tad slowly, you know why.

Let me know what you think.

This was my way of getting around the extreme limitations of the Destiny Home Page.

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